Fevered Sleep – 20 Years Experimenting in Art

On 14 June, Fevered Sleep celebrated their 20th birthday with a special presentation of the short film “Still Life with Dog”

– A  short film on time, ageing and change made as part of Fevered Sleep’s On Ageing project. On the evening of the event, the film was introduced by award-winning Artistic Director David Harradine, and Fevered Sleep announced exclusive details of their programme for the next 4 years.

Fevered Sleep makes performances, installations, films, books and digital art. They develop brave, thought-provoking projects that challenge people to rethink their relationships with each other and with the world. The projects appear in diverse places, across the UK and beyond, from theatres, galleries and cinemas, to parks, beaches and schools, and in the spaces of everyday life.

If you want to rent the gallery for an event, contact [email protected]