Gallery Elena Shchukina launches PROJECT, a new zero-commission contemporary art fair in the heart of London. 

 PROJECT offers visitors the unique opportunity to meet the artists and buy artworks directly from their creators. 

A reflection of the changing role of the art gallery today, PROJECT is a platform for international emerging and established contemporary artists to showcase their work and present it directly to the public.  PROJECT continues Gallery Elena Shchukina’s programme of exhibitions that are accessible to everyone. A series of talks, events, and performances will support the exhibition and enrich visitor’s experience. 

 Running from 25 May to 3 June 2017, PROJECT inaugural edition will be a ten-day exhibition dedicated to abstract drawings and paintings exploring themes of change and transformation.

 Change is the positive driving force of PROJECT 2017. From the sublimation of concrete form into pure thought, to the unfolding of personal relationships and memories, all the works exhibited carry within them the promise of creativity and the potential for something new.

 Looking at the work of twelve international contemporary artists, PROJECT 2017 is interested in drawing links between artists whose work, through the formal language of abstraction, expresses the transformative processes and aims that lead to its making.

Competition & Panel Discussion

Congratulations to Lulu Manasseh, the winner of the PROJECT2017 public vote competition!

The competition run online from 1st – 31st May, and the response was overwhelming: more than one thousand people voted to award one artist the opportunity to showcase their work in a solo exhibition at Gallery Elena Shchukina in 2018.

The winner was announced on 31st May, at the end of the panel discussion Gallery Ties: the Changing Relationship between Gallery and Artists, featuring independent artist Hermione Carline, artist and art dealer Lisa Sharpe, Artsy Gallery Relations Manager Gemma Rolls-Bentley, and moderated by Elena Shchukina.

Behind the Scences

Elena Shchukina talks about the inspiration and process behind PROJECT2017. Click here to watch

25 May – 3 June 2017

Gallery Elena Shchukina
10 Lees Place, Mayfair
London W1K 6LL




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