The Hidden Heart Chiang Yomei

The works in this exhibition are a meditation on the impermanent nature of being. The Buddhist sutra that explains this most succinctly is the 2,500 year old Prajñaparamita Heart Sutra, which is a short discourse on the nature of reality. It tells us that the true nature of reality is the essence of wisdom and the key to liberation from suffering.

It tells us that, everything that comes together falls apart. As all relative phenomena, including thoughts and perceptions, are composite, they are subject to a host of conditions for their manifestation. When these conditions change, the nature of the phenomenon in question also changes. Nothing is fixed, everything is impermanent, and all things exist interdependently.  It tells us that nothing exists that does not exist in the mind.

From this point of view, the nature of existence is really empty – empty of an independent reality. What is material will always disintegrate. Form is never permanent; in form there is always the formless and vice versa.