Vivid Light Allan Forsyth

Gallery Elena Shchukina is delighted to host new and recent works of Scottish artist Allan Forsyth (b. 1971). The photography-ˇbased exhibition runs from 6 February to 28 March 2014.

Forsyth’s practice often reflects the drama of nature through a range of techniques including analogue and digital exposures, computer generated imagery and photograms. Whether they be saturated colours or faded tones, Forsyth’s work is imbued with a certain feeling and subjectivity, in which light plays an important role. Light fills flora and fauna with a sense of energy or tranquillity.

Vivid Light provides a visual experience enabling visitors to enter a world of discovery whereby nature, albeit altered, takes centre stage. Through a lenticular lens, the gentle flickering flame of a candle hypnotises and an exotic macaw comes to life.

Keeping in line with the gallery’s signature concept, the art will be shown alongside an exquisite selection of furniture and decorative objects.

Allan Forsyth has shown in the UK, mainland Europe, the US and Hong Kong including London Art Fair, (Mark Jason Gallery, London, 2013), The Summer Show (Royal Academy, London, 2007), FotoFever, (ARTITLED! Contemporary Art, Brussels, 2012). His works can be found in private collections both in the UK and overseas including Zurich Global, Boston Consulting,Maze Restaurant, and Booz Allen Hamilton. Forsyth has been the recipient of several awards including: Winner of Best Landscape for “Brooklyn” at the Royal West of England Academy, Bristol (2008) and Winner of the ICON Art & Design Award (2004).