Private View: Luke Jerram

On 4th November, Gallery Elena Shchukina hosted the private view of Luke Jerram’s work in Impermanence: The Art of Microbiology.

 The sculptures had been put in place just a few days before, and we were thrilled that Jerram could take time to come to London to help with the installation and attend the event. It seems that we timed the things well, because directly after the event he had to set off for Sheffield to assist with the deinstallation of his giant E-Coli sculpture (5 million times magnified) that recently filled the Winter Gardens (and then the Firth Hall), and which garnered so much press attention.

We are delighted to report that during the exhibition all of Jerram’s large sculptures on display were purchased by an eminent collector for his personal collection. (There are further editions of the pieces available for those who are interested.)