The Hidden Heart

It has been a busy few weeks at Gallery Elena Shchukina.

Currently on show at 10 Lees Place are recent works by Chiang Yomei.

The Hidden Heart opened on 19 March, and continues until 1 May 2015.  If you haven’t yet seen this exhibition you still have time!

Yomei’s work reflects her strong Buddhist beliefs, and her interest in spiritual philosophies, alchemy, myth, symbols and rictuals. These, alongside her great love of music and poetry are reflected in her creative process.

She is inspired by a sense of fragility, by the elusiveness of identity, thoughts, memories and emotions. Yomei plays on the process of disintegration, showing an interest with the beginning and the end. The layers in the work are built up, and these layers begin to create a dialogue.

Seven of the ten works on show are from the series Bardo. In Buddhism the term ‘Bardo’ refers to the various intermediate states of transition experienced by the dying. The moment when one phase, on life, moves into another. Again, we are here reminded of our own fragility. Bardo’s are private processes, they are available to be seen and explored only by those who are willing to see.