Summer by Christoffer Joergensen

Christoffer Joergensen: Take me There

Private view: 7 May 18.00-20.00

Exhibition continues: 8 May – 3 July

Joergensen’s photographic works entice the viewer. At first they look chaotic; two images dissected before being placed back together. Each image looses its individual meaning; however, when they are placed together a new dialogue emerges. Plagued by the tension this image creates the viewer becomes more enthralled as these images are now open for an individual’s interpretation.

Two images from the series Seasons are on view in this exhibition. The horizontal verses vertical axis unites and divides simultaneously. Although these are photographic works, they are extremely tangible in nature, which helps to capture the audience’s imagination.

Christoffer says: “When looking at Summer, I would like the observers to ask themselves whether they are looking at something natural or man made. Are they looking at a landscape? Is it a reflection on the water? Or is it some kind of man made structure? We associate organic shapes and the colours green and blue with nature. Yet when we look at summer from up close, we discover a grid of triangular pixels which can’t have originated in nature. So I was aiming to create something quite ambiguous, a picture that somehow lies between two realities, on the threshold between the natural and the man made.”

Summer is composed of two close-up photographs of trees. One photograph is motion-blurred horizontally and the other vertically. They are digitally combined using different computer programs.